A Clark Swanson special. Immediately her anger

Reopen the investigation. A meth lab isn't evidence enough? Don't try to kid a kidder, Ingrid. You know as well as I do, all you've done here is expose a nasty little drug dealer. It has no bearing on Shelbourne's death. Look, I know it may sound unlikely, but what if it is connected? What if she hit her head because she was under the influence? We'll never know why she hit her head. As I just said--it was an unfortunate accident. No one made her take the drugs. We don't know that either. Madison Faber is convinced Lauren was killed. You really have nothing new for me, do you? Just the word of an over-excitable psychology student with an overactive imagination. I know she can seem a little highly strung, but I would never have found this place if not for Madison Faber. Even though she's terrified of Klaason, she still gave me information to help track him down. What do you really think of her? The question surprised Ingrid. She considered it for a moment. I guess I feel a little sorry for her. She's lost her friend and she wants google to make sure we don't miss anything. Isn't that a perfectly reasonable thing to want? McKittrick shrugged. I'm sorry, mate. She rested a hand on Ingrid's arm. buy youtube views I really am. But I'd have to have a good reason to suspect Lauren Shelbourne's death was anything other than an accident. And this drugs thing isn't it. Ingrid's cell phone bleeped twice. She retrieved it from a pocket and scanned the text message. It was from Mills, suggesting they meet that afternoon. He had buy youtube views 'discovered something' about their 'American friend'. Anyone I know? McKittrick asked. It's personal. McKittrick raised her hands and took a step backward. Sorry I asked. Madison Faber was right about Klaason and his drug dealing, Ingrid said, eager to get back on track. Maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt about Lauren too. I thought she was smarter than that. What? If Faber's so insistent about it, doesn't she realize she could be putting herself back in the frame? She was covered in Shelbourne's blood http://www.getmytimesharesold.com/ when we found her. Surely that only serves to prove that we should maybe take her seriously? Why would she be so insistent we look into her friend's death, if it could backfire on her? McKittrick shrugged again, her earlier ebullience had almost disappeared. Well perhaps this Timo Klaason will shed some light, when we pick him up. But I wouldn't hold your-- She was cut off by sudden shouting on the other side of the police cordon. Oh Christ, not her. Running toward them, pursued by a uniformed policeman, was the reporter Angela Tate. Just a brief statement, Tate shouted. Don't the people of Lewisham have a right to know what's happening on their streets? She reached McKittrick and Ingrid just as the youtube constable caught up with her. Don't even think about laying one of those fat-fingered paws on me. She scrutinized McKittrick, a sudden sparkle in her eyes. What are you doing here? Do we have a homicide to report as well as a drug bust? How did you find out about this so buy youtube views quickly? McKittrick asked her. Does the Evening News have spies on every corner? Tate caught Ingrid's eye. Ingrid tensed. She'd called the journalist right after dialing 999. She'd decided she needed to keep Tate on side, just in case she needed a favor later. With only three days before the Shelbournes were due to return home with their daughter's body,